A Community For Growing Personal Confidence, Find Your Inspirational Voice and Meet Like-Minded People


A fun Community to promote self-empowerment made for women.

We are a community open to everyone but specifically for women living in Phuket. Our community is aimed to develop your personal confidence, find your inspirational voice, and meet other like-minded people.

What our community offers:


  • Monthly high-quality webinars hosted by Able
  • Access to brilliant speakers who are leaders in their field
  • Opportunities for professional development & networking
  • Practical & informative themes every month
  • Safe community for private and group support
  • Hybrid (online & in-person) gatherings
  • Help you grow your confidence with your voice
  • Business, personal and cultural mentoring

OUR community HELPS YOU


You Are Able To...

  • enjoy more inner confidence and acceptance of self
  • re-frame how you speak to yourself to improve mindset
  • make better choices to avoid burnout

You Can Free Yourself…

  • from limiting beliefs by learning your own mental patterns
  • from fears and lean into your true desires
  • from mental blocks or past traumas to move forward more openly

You Can Gain Access…

  • to a safe and supportive community
  • to professionals that support your growth
  • to skills to develop effective communications
  • to positive energy and friendship

You Can Develop...

  • empowerment towards higher emotional intelligence & become the best version of you

  • practical tools for maintaining a winning mindset and resilient health regardless of the challenges you face in life

  • empathetic communication skills to help others and increase your own self-development at the same time


Learn and acquire the skills to make your goals a reality with global communications expert

Hello, I am Able. 🙂 So nice to welcome you here and thanks for stopping by.  I am excited to meet you!

I have obtained a lot of outer successes in my life mainly due to childhood insecurities and social conditioning.  Realizing that all of us meets challenges in life and having overcome lots of them, I wish to give back by sharing my experiences and connections with you!


My childhood as a Hong Kong immigrant moving to the U.S. at age 10 working intensely since 13 at my parent’s restaurant + two decades of being in the mass communications & performing arts industry has allowed me to meet people from all different backgrounds and cultures. These valuable life experiences helped me to flourish as a foreigner in Thailand. And I wish to share them with you!

So join me and let’s connect soon!


Here’s what your membership will look like!

All for just ฿18.00 per day 

Monthly Webinars

Every month, Able hosts a members-only webinar to help you on crucial communication skills, personal branding and mindset coaching.

Each member will get private 1-on-1 with Able included in their membership.

Need help with personal branding, communication confidence or the feeling of not good enough? Learn your shadows and mindset so you can move forward consciously with Able’s exclusive video content.


Interactive Gatherings

It’s not all about learning and no fun! To really enjoy ourselves we must be fully integrated into our society.

Let’s have fun together at our regular gatherings and make it active and playful!

Safe Community of like-minded people

You are part of an open & supportive community which is our core value.  
Open sharing and learning to accept others as growing human beings is essential here.

We encourage diversity and seek to understand before being understood.  Everyone is an equal and we are here to enjoy each other’s company.  


Join anytime and get access to an incredible range of services created uniquely for you!

OUR pricing

WHAT OUR clients SAY

“Able has incredible tips and insights. Thanks for your valuable offer in such a short time!”

Kate S.

“Able’s message was enlightening and extremely healing. Thankful to be able to meet you.”

Sarine R.

“Privileged to have met Able who has literally changed my life. Ever since then, I am amazed by her authenticity. I learned so much about speaking up and to own my voice! Able made it so clear for me.”

Roxana P.

“Thank you Able. You’ve been an angel. You guide me step-by-step and I learned to overcome my fear of speaking. She started to understand me first and did not try to mold me. She made it fun, gave me tips and changed everything around.”

Liana R.

“Able taught me how to pose, manage my energy, how to speak to connect with the audience.”

Punny Boy

“Able has taught me the skills to communicate more effectively and bringing out my confidence. I highly recommend Able.”

Lauren G.


Grab a One-Year Membership to the Inspired Voices Community!

It’s time to stop sitting by the sidelines, waiting for someday… a day when you feel more confident, it’s the “right time,” and things are somehow easier.

Because we all know that “someday” is really just another word for never.

If you want to step out to find your voice and grow your brand, then the time is NOW.

Your life will never be the same.

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What is the Inspiring Voices Community?

It is a community open to everyone but specifically targeting women. They may wish to grow their confidence, find their inspirational voice, share experiences, and meet other like-minded people. My role is to lead this knowledge exchange and help them to grow brave voices within our community. This is a platform that gives people an opportunity to join in with other people. Our voices have more impact when they are amplified.

What’s different about this community compared to other communities?

We focus on helping people to find their voice. Our Phuket community is bringing a positive impact to the world. Let’s start together – right now.  Building day by day, we are here in our big world on our local stage. Living and sharing our ideas. It’s all about working with others and giving other people a chance to speak up.

As your guide, I wish to help you grow through honest conversations, sharing through monthly webinars, and regular meet-ups to share entrepreneurial or wellness tips.  

Is there a fee to join this community?

The annual membership fee is B8/day. B8/ day is hardly going to allow you to buy a cup of coffee, but it can buy you a journey for a life-changing transformation and help others do the same.

What else can I expect from this community?

We can all do something here. We can lend our voices to building more confidence because we care deeply about its impact. Especially, we know there are many people out there in need of guidance and support.

You will get special access to webinars that covers topics on well-being, verbal vs non-verbal communication skills, building self-confidence, and integrating into Asian society if you are a foreigner.  Plus you will have an allotted time with me to guide you further 1-on-1.  

What are the members expected to do within the community?

We can be kind to each other, and we can speak out to share our perspectives but also to find commonalities. Education gives a foundation for people to make and form judgments on their own. This in turn helps to take things further for deeper and more impactful growth.

Our members are encouraged to have an open mind and have the open desire to develop themselves further (professionally or personally). You are most welcome to participate in the monthly webinars as well as join the in-person events that will be opened to all members and non-members.  Most importantly, have fun, learn more languages and meet like-minded people!

How long is each webinar?

Length is minimum 1-hour and the time for each webinar will be shared in the members’ site. Please Log-in to see details.

What are some of the topics you will be sharing about in the webinars?

2023’s Cosmic Energy is about Hope, Idealism and Innovation.  The energy will help you dream outside of ANY box.

*Special Guest Speaker to Join

The order of themes is subject to change based on the availability of the speaker. Active participation in the LIVE is encouraged. 🙂

How can I ensure that I'm growing within the community?

Every month, I will be touching on different themes and topics. At the end of each monthly LIVE, I’ll pose a challenge for you to implement your newly acquired skills to be shared in the FB group and have a community that can help you stay accountable. That way, you know will see a difference in the way you grow over time.

Mostly importantly, you get what you give out. The more you invest time in your personal or professional growth, the most likely you will see a positive progress.

What if I need more guidance or more help?

Within each membership, you will get access to a one-on-one session with Able.  But if you wish to have more time, you can look into doing a private program with Able through  

Can I get you to review or help me write my presentations?

Sorry, this is not included within the membership.  Yes – Able specializes in public speaking, script preparation and presenting and if you wish for more, please email to sign-up or see which program is right for you at


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